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Snatched by Tia is an innovative waist trainer, it gives you the flexibility to train your waist and stomach while working out. 

You can wear this waist trainer under your clothes and it will be undetected.

We do not advise wearing the garment on bare skin and don't wrap it tightly.

Wear Snatched by Tia on top of a thin t-shirt, or any other undergarment.

 We do not allow returns for this item.


Snatched by Tia isn't a medical devices. Do not pull the adjustments on our waistbands too tight around your waist as our garments are not meant to be worn extremely tight and should fit comfortably.  For safety reasons, our waistbands are not intended to be worn excessive of two hours at a time. After two hours, remove the band and take one-hour breaks between use. Discontinue the use of any waistband if you experience discomfort.

 Snatched by Tia ships on pre-order starting October 18th.


Some garments may, over time, and due to extended use, wear and may lose a stitch resulting in a wire exposure which could come into contact with the Customer’s skin. Customers should immediately stop wearing any garment that causes discomfort or pain and seek the advice of a physician. 

The Company hereby disclaims liability for any loss or damage to person or property as a result of an exposed wire or other damages caused by extended wear.

Snatched by Tia is not responsible for any injuries due to negligence or misuse including.



Many of our products contain latex or may be made in a factory where latex products are produced.  Please beware that if you have or suspect that you have latex allergies it is not recommended that you use our latex products. We will not be liable and hereby disclaim all liability for skin irritations or rashes in the event that a garment is worn, and a rash or skin irritation develops. Should you develop a sensitivity or a rash after wearing any garment, it is strongly recommended that you discontinue wearing that garment and seek consultation from a physician. Snatched by Tia does not take responsibility for any allergic reactions.